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Who we are

15 completely different people. 15 young minds that never cease to create and innovate. 15 individuals with an unstoppable drive to become a high performant team. That is who we are. We are Viria Ventures.

A high-potential team of young entrepreneurs, very keen on developing ourselves in order to face obstacles that might be transformed into opportunities. We have an autonomous work-style, which makes us very efficient in reaching our goals.

We love accepting challenges that make us reach outside our comfort zone and we are excited by the idea of coming up with outside the box solutions in order to solve them.

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Our Mission

Our team mission is to reach the moon: we want to have a positive impact in the society while gaining experience, enlarging our network and making money as a consequence. Dreamers to doers, for real!

Our core values are: discipline, integrity, growth & self development and fun.

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